About Us

Winfund Corporation is a software developer and services provider focused on management of oil & gas properties. Incorporated in 1995, Winfund Corporation initially offered acquisition & divestiture and property management consulting services. In the performance of these services the need for tools to make better decisions was identified resulting in the release of PROSPECTOR in 1998. Since the initial release PROSPECTOR has been expanded to include a budgeting module. In 2001 Winfund Corporation released dbAFE, an AFE creation and capital tracking tool. Winfund Corporation continues to provide management and data quality consulting services to assist oil and gas companies in their efforts to maximize cash flow and value.

Terry Krawec

Terry Krawec, President, has been providing high ROI solutions to address corporate information problems and other consulting services since 1995. Terry's broad experience includes tenure as an executive at a large energy royalty trust and taking on the role of engineering manager at the subsidiary of a US independent oil and gas producing company. Terry has directly held positions of increasing responsibility in reservoir, completions and drilling engineering, corporate planning, acquisitions and divestitures and joint interest and has had oversite responsibilities marketing.